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NEWS: Nunavut February 08, 2018 - 9:30 am

Apprenez le français—Learn French this summer, GN suggests

The Explore program seeks keen students for summer French-immersion

The Explore program sends students to places like the Gaspé in Quebec to learn French in a French-speaking environment. (FILE PHOTO)
The Explore program sends students to places like the Gaspé in Quebec to learn French in a French-speaking environment. (FILE PHOTO)

If you are a full-time Grade 11, Grade 12 or post-secondary student from Nunavut, the Department of Education urges you to apply by Feb. 15 for a $2,200 bursary through the federal government’s Explore program.

Explore is a five-week intensive French language-immersion program offered in the spring or summer.

And participants from Nunavut can have their travel fees reimbursed and can receive five credits for their participation in the program.

Participants also receive a bursary that covers tuition fees for the program, instructional materials, meals and accommodations, workshops and other activities.

The educational institution you attend receives the bursary directly. Bursaries are awarded by random draw.

The Summer Language Bursary Program, which became Explore, was created in 1971 to provide students with a chance to improve their knowledge of one of Canada’s official languages and to broaden their knowledge of the culture associated with it.

The program followed the adoption of the Official Languages Act to promote the learning of French and English.

For more information, including who is eligible, please contact Nunavut’s territorial co-ordinator, Josianne Beaumont, at 867-975-5652 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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(5) Comments:

#1. Posted by Do it! on February 08, 2018

I took the program in Quebec City a number of years ago. It was the best summer of my high school career! It advanced my French to a much more fluent level as well. You will not regret participating!

#2. Posted by monty sling on February 08, 2018

how can this be, I though the first priority would be inuktitut….look at tv @ 5 pm (6 pm Baffin) inuktitut programming anchors with cbc. the two kivalliq news guy and gal are very bad (I mean very bad) inuktitut speakers. I guess even baffin islanders know how bad their inuk vocab. is, shame shame. as person fr kivalliq I say their inuk. vocab. is at grd 4 for the guy and 3 for the gal…shame. they use inuk words that don’t exist in kivalliq dialect. let alone French, get ppl on public airwaves learn to speak their inuk language. goodness my 6 yr old grand son speaks better than her. these two have no idea of constructing sentences in kiv dialect. French eh? take care of Nunavut inuk first.

#3. Posted by Carl on February 08, 2018

It would be great if they can come up with a Inuktitut program too, I would love to learn the language, even the basics would be great!

#4. Posted by National program on February 08, 2018

@2: come on, read the article first before complaining. It’s a free national program.

Inuktitut speakers could learn from French speaking Canadians about how they made their language flourish in a country dominated by English. But for some reason anti-French sentiment is rampant in Nunavut. Francophones know what it feels like to lose a language and culture. Those fighting to save Inuktitut should look at what measures were taken to keep French alive (spoiler: it wasn’t easy).

#5. Posted by Okuk on February 11, 2018

Good for the Fed Govt. and French speakers and learners !!
Govt. of Nunavut why don’t you—- oh never mind, you wouldn’t

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